Is the DRP a stand-alone degree program?
No. The DRP offers academic and professional enrichment for students already enrolled in School of Education Ph.D. programs at UW-Madison.

Do I need to be a Ph.D. student in order to apply to DRP?
Yes. In order to apply to DRP, you must already be enrolled in a Ph.D. program in UW-Madison's School of Education. In some departments you could be in a master's degree program provided it is the first step toward a Ph.D. degree program.

Who should apply to DRP?
Students currently enrolled in doctoral research programs in any of UW-Madison's School of Education departments who have ambitions of pursuing careers in academia and educational research.

What is required of DRP fellows?
Once they are admitted to the program, fellows take a year-long, 1-credit course in which they plan and attend the bi-weekly DRP Lecture Series. The lecture series features speakers and topics of interest to educational researchers and others in our broader community. Each lecture is one hour long, and is held every other week, usually from 3-4pm on Tuesdays.

Are there financial resources available for DRP fellows?
Not at this time.

What do DRP fellows get out of the program?
DRP fellows enjoy access to some of the best minds in educational research, and take the lead in promoting their own academic and professional growth. By planning lectures and events on topics of interest to them, fellows ensure that the DRP is meeting their needs as budding researchers and academics, fostering development in areas that might go overlooked in one's own academic department. Fellows will also gain official designation and be listed on the DRP website as DRP Fellows.

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For more information:
Richard Halverson
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