About the Program

The program consists of two parts. Students begin by taking the introductory course in the spring semester. Upon successful completion of this course (open to any graduate student at the university), students are then eligible to apply for “DRP Fellow” status.

DRP Fellows take an advanced course and are also required to take at least 2 DRP Modules before they reach dissertator status. The modules (each 5 weeks long) are designed to offer support and faculty mentorship in a variety of areas related to research skills and career development. Enrollments are capped to ensure high-quality instruction and individual student attention. In any given year, these education-centered modules might focus on topics such as the following:

        • Finding a theoretical framework
        • Quantitative methods for qualitative people
        • Moving from data and findings to big ideas: How do researchers do it?
        • Writing grants and proposals
        • Reviewing manuscripts for publication
        • Writers’ workshop
        • Publishing for different audiences
        • How to present your research (posters, conference papers)
        • Conference planning and reviewing
        • Collaborative writing
        • Managing large research projects (budgets, deadlines, teams, etc.)
        • International research
        • Developing a professional persona

The modules topics offered will vary from one year to the next in ways that reflect faculty expertise and student interests.

Program Overview and Requirements
Introductory Course, 3 credits

(spring semester, open to all graduate students)

DRP Advanced Course, 1 credit each semester
(fall and spring semesters)

2 DRP Modules, 1 credit per module

(to be taken in any semester following admission to fellow status)

      • 7 credits total
Past Program Information

Pro-seminar Course Syllabi

Evaluation Report

Planning and surveys were conducted during 2001-2002. Interviews and analysis were conducted during 2002-2003. Annual Report Form - May 2008

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For more information:
Richard Halverson
DRP Director

Al Barnicle abarnicle@wisc.edu