Wisconsin-Spencer Lecture Series


Tuesdays @ 3:00 – 4:00 pm
220 Teacher Education Building (unless noted)

September 20

Gloria J. Ladson-Billings, Kellner Family Professor in Urban Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Title:  “Future of Educational Research”

October 4

Jane Zuengler, Professor, English
Maggie Hawkins, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Stacey Lee, Professor, Educational Policy Studies
Title:  “Researcher Positioning in Critical Research in Schools”

October 18

Alberto Cabrera, Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Walter Lane, Assistant Dean, School of Education
Title:  Enhancing Access to Post Secondary Education

November 1

Eric Camburn, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Erica Halverson, Lecturer, Educational Psychology
Title:  Transition to Faculty Position

November 15

Lucy Mathiak, Organizer and Member of East High United
Wayne Au, Editorial Board Member for Rethinking Schools & Board Member of the National Coalition of Educational Activists
Title:  Rethinking Schools – Grassroots Efforts

December 6

Jeff Watson, Associate Outreach Specialist, WCER
Title:  Designing Effective Feedback Systems for Public Schools

February 7  (To be held in Rm 253 Educational Sciences)

Julie Underwood, Dean, School of Education
Title:  Research to Policy and Practice

February 21—No seminar

Cohort Members will discuss progress on their work.

March 7

Kefferlyn Brown, Ph.D. Candidate, Curriculum and Instruction
Title:  Mapping Risks in Education: Conceptions, Contexts, and Complexities

March 21

Ken Zeichner, Associate Dean, School of Education and Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Cathy Loeb, Senior Administrative Program Specialist, WCER
Title:  Strategies for Funding (Qualitative) Research

April 4

DRP students will present their AERA papers.
This will be used as a time to practice their presentations prior to AERA. All education community members are welcome to attend and give feedback.

April 18

Michelle Johnson, Ph.D . Candidate, Counseling Psychology
Title:  Motivating Factors for Native American Women Returning to Higher Education 

May 2—No seminar

Cohort members will discuss progress on their work.

School of Education
1025 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53706

For more information:
Richard Halverson
DRP Director

Al Barnicle abarnicle@wisc.edu